So you want to learn how to tune an ECU?
Remap-UK can help you start to learn how the basic functions work and how to learn to tune an ECU fitted to any vehicle
If you’ve ever wanted to get the most out of what your vehicle has to offer, then you may consider learning how to tune ECU's. It’s a great way to learn how to “tweak” and re-program your own vehicle to gain peak performance from it – and for engine freaks like you & me, it’s definitely fun to learn.

Knowing how to tune a vehicles ECU means you can:

• Fine-tune your fuel economy, especially at speeds you drive at.
• Get peak horsepower out of your engine.
• Add performance parts, without damaging your engine. 
• Make an engine more responsive and rev cleaner.
• Smoothen your engine’s power delivery.
• Change your engine’s rev range if needed.
• Increase or decrease your car’s speed limit if needed.
• Save money on fuel by improving fuel efficiency.

Our courses are held over the internet via Teamviewer and consist of 10 hours worth of training to get you from the basics, up to a level you should feel confident to tune by yourself with, these hours are usually held in the evenings for most peoples convenience and spread over three days to a week dependant on commitments the customer has, we also hand out assignments too see if you have fully understood what you have learnt!

What you will need is a good internet connection
A good Laptop/Computer
At least 3 evenings free for a week
Alientech ECM Titanium Software

Price is £180 prior to the course start and payable via invoice or Paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.