New legislation will make removing you vehicles (DPF) diesel particulate filter a bigger mistake than ever!

Removing your car's diesel particulate filter (DPF) might be tempting as a cheaper alternative to fitting new, but because the damage caused by a clogged DPF can result in four-figure repair bills Remap-UK have got a solution that will not only be cost effective but won't kill your vehicles chances of passing the next MOT. There are numerous companies out there advertising DPF removal services, but as well as being bad for the environment it is also illegal, and the Government has moved to tighten up the regulations concerning these companies and should your car be found with a DPF that has been removed then it will be reported to VOSA and possible need a VIC check before ever passing another MOT!


Located within the exhaust system, a DPF captures soot particles, preventing them from being blown down the exhaust into the atmosphere. As with any filter type it needs emptying every now and again and this is done automatically (hopefully), by burning up the soot in a process called regeneration. However, if your Vehicles fails or misses the regeneration process then this adds to the collection of soot stored, too much soot and the regen process will fail leaving your car at best in what is called 'limp mode' which reduces power and speed to a safe limit for the engine, designed indeed to 'limp you home' unfortunately now you can't even get up to speed to help get the vehicle into the regen process, plus continued running of the engine while the filter is badly clogged will eventually do damage to the engine and turbo itself resulting in a far more expensive bill than first thought!


Remap-UK has a unique solution to the problem that does NOT involve removing the DPF filter from your vehicle, but IS affordable and has a high success rate!
We will start by forcing a static regeneration of the DPF to see if this will indeed clear the problem, this is the simplest and cheapest option (available from £30) and in most cases it does actually work wonders, forget so called DPF cleaners or Terraclean type solutions these merely prolong the blocked filter and don't offer a full solution!
If after a forced regeneration your vehicle is back to a normal and healthy running state then we will assist and instruct you how to not get into trouble with it again! 
However if the vehicle has actually gone past the point of no return for forced regeneration Remap-UK have yet another solution that is 100% guaranteed, again not requiring the DPF to actually be removed from the vehicle so staying perfectly legal! Prices again will not break the bank and start at £299 and offer a full solution to the problem